by Îota & Tek

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"OMNI" is a project between Iota (producer) & Tek (rapper). About a year in the works, it is a concentrated dose of the two artists. The production from Îota serves as a vessel for Tek's exploration of the multifaceted persona. Like any Budo Kiba release, the project is sprinkled with contributions from other artists; co-production from Edo Lee, Tru Type and vocal additions by Amani Fela, Strangelove and Phyllis Ophelia."

Instrumental features:

-Ben Kruse: Bass on Quartered, Guitar on Scatter
-Ajax Abernathy: Rhodes keyboard on Scatter
-Adrian Lee Hayman: Saxophone & Organ on Labyrinth, Guitar & Bass on Triptych

Mixed and Mastered by Ajax Abernathy



released March 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Budo Kiba New York, New York

A label which relies on a network of creators, both sonic and visual, that work collaboratively on every project whether it is of one artist or many. Founded by Matas, Edo Lee, Iota, and Tru-Type
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Track Name: Labyrinth
Caught in the depths
Maintain all of my steps
Know it
Set coordinates in
Train aim before I begin, you know the ledge, like
Caught in the ruse
Any day I’m short on a fuse, you know the moves, like I

Link it left to right, I link it
When left to write I didn’t
Fortify or find new entrance
I’m on the fence and
I was mortified when balance shifted
Was on defense, I saw the grins, I saw the talons lifted
I sought to distance
I was walkin home id lean
Fallin forward to beat
All the fog of it forgone
Couldn’t toggle the screen
I’m knowin
I’m still short of a breath
And any day I’m sure to regress harder to guess like


[Hook 2]
Caught in the depths
Maintain all of my steps
Don’t know the half about it

Maintain I’m shorted by deck
Demonstrated starting with debt, holden to threats
Warning you too who trapped
Caught in the crypt
Maintain all of my steps
Track Name: Quartered Feat. Edo Lee
[Verse 1]
I hit the track propelling
I came up off the thruster late, impact with something
The traction coming, I felt already
I came up off of Native Tongues and Makavelli
I came up off of dirty south and Soulaquari-
I made my route encrusted it, entrusted it
All roads fed into the bar code, ok
Al-most fled into the dark, I docked, I didn’t

Talk, listen
Had to dust a bit
Had to conservate it, I’m at the precipice
I came up off of do your shit don’t bitch about it
I came up off of money tight don’t fuck around with
I came up after truants
I cannot hack the Rubik’s
I came up out the rubrics that you cut up out of
I can’t amount to record you could trust in, I could maintain-
I could maintain through the clutches of it

[Verse 2]
Bargain I been buckled to the fact it’s like
I came up off Cartesian ways of looking bout it
Targeted I tussle with the tact about it
I came off of Kubrick, off of Asimov, induct it
Mainstay my old soul's injunction
Maintain I don’t hold your namesake in same stakes
Debunk all that, uncharted, claim staking shit
One tried that painstaking lunge toward that, ain’t take it

Fuck that, the cortisol you pump at
I quartered off my history, you couldn’t snuff at
Who took the hit? you took affront at
Wouldn’t rebuff that, I let you contemplate it
I hit my register different, I hitch to my notations
I switch to monochrome, I slit my time and patience
Swish the Molotov
Sift through minor cases, sit through all your talk
I came up off of black boy impediment
I came up off of
You don’t know yourself so let me annotate it
Track Name: Scatter Feat. Strangelove & Phyllis Ophelia
[Verse 1: Tek]
Slipping off the disc like
Saturn on the fritz, rocking patterns out of synchrony
I dropped the planet outta clutch
Walk in to that dust to dust from daylight to the dusk with me
I am bits strung together
Like iotas on the pattern
Locking only when it mattered on it
I tried to focus on the matter, talking to myself
The cells had broken up and scattered from me
One-night untethered to poles
That’s exactly when the sediments shown I tried to check
It’s like

[Bridge: Phyllis Ophelia]
You’re in a dream that I remember
From my fever from my temper
Lost and found
Star came out
Cut through the clouds
Shone in our mouths
Dripped down
Pierced the ground

[Verse 2: Strangelove]
Captive of the after effects
I was gasping as if it was my last breath
Last respects at the scene of the crash test
Your picking all the pieces up to read em in past tense
When you walk in the shallow end of the water
There will be no more current for you to follow
Follow form or form a line under fortunes eyes in the morning
Or that formula that formed you will get torn up by tomorrow
For all of your hollow headed bravado
Probably swallowed it in silent decision
As time as my witness
When you falter and burden all of your pillars
There can be no alternative burn your bridges

[Bridge: Phyllis Ophelia]

[Outro: Tek]
When I return I come to
Lock into posture, steady the birds eye view
Doctrines doctored, somebody chopped it
Scorchin the portrait, somebody torched it, I say
How long I’ve been coma? Howlin karma come and get me
Planet done had left me, Id've left me in a moment
I stay hot, neurally brown out, shots nearly drowned out
Soon I pop, don’t hear a sound, nobody had stopped
I stay looped, doin the count, when the down time wind out
Roots lose truth too, and the fine line lined out
And the loose screws who knew, woulda found out by now
Track Name: Heckler
I can’t get that
Lemme catch that
I can’t get that feelin for
Lemme catch that
I can’t get that feelin for nothing
Lemme catch that, lemme catch that

Fly by night heckler
Drive by conjecture
What’s the bullshit you boosted?
Could you die down now, test it, don’t talk now
I came consistent
Mark mine, yall can't contest it
I just walk round, harken to blessings
Lemme catch that, lemme catch that

16 when I caught that… dope
Switch schemes and abort that
Pristine on contact with pistons
Never weaned off those, you harp that
Tone that it’s hard to get a cross
No shit, hardly get ya phased
I never altered principle
I stay at odds against the cross
Slumped over, fucked over
Appraise you, once over
Half catch you, half look over
Chuck back at you, cut your motor
Sense odor
Buckled to backwards babble, I missed it, listen
I can’t give that recognition
I can’t get that… look

I came up soft in ya woman
I can’t get high from ya blunt and
I came to all of your functions
I’m good on this shit
I cannot talk to you uh
I can’t indulge what you uh
I stay insulted by what the fuck
Were you fuck were you, listen
I came up soft in ya ish
I can’t get high from ya lift and
I came to all of your sessions
I’m good on this shit, listen
I cannot talk to you fuckers
I can’t indulge what you conjured
I stay insulted by what the fuck were you thinkin?
Track Name: Triptych (Yardsale) Feat. Amani Fela & Sau
[Verse 1: Tek]
Fuck what you think about me
Bet I been thinking worse
I tried to single out me
I tried to kill it out me
Put the flame upon it
I put combustion in percussion put my name up on it

[Break: Bilal Ndongo]
Hey, hey
That's not for sale

[Verse 1: Tek]
Now I claim somethin I could cave under, I could slip
Or I could shape out of, I could stay smothered under bliss
Or I could
Listen to my records on repeat
Reminisce on when my wreckage was complete
Not a rapper in your section could compete
I tried to cultivate it, lot had culminated tween the peaks
I tried to hone that, refine and mold that
You bit your shit, you better own that
Now don’t atone that, my blood had dissipated
Two of em booked for nothing, and they bungee corded
I couldn’t cut it

[Verse 2: Amani Fela]
Probably not a human
Hardly do he profit off the truth and
Karma he refuse for deuce chakras for some smooches
Loose ends tend to follow never lose him
The conditioned sit in sorrow as the rules bend
(bend bend bend)
Who's turn to reign supreme?
Who's earned the right to preach bout life and what it seems like?
On the inside and out
Not he who bouts perfect scene
Not he who moves with the serpent through his dreams
Fervently urgency pulses through his veins
Words he speak burst up into flames
He never had a name
Only had a label
His memories act as tornadoes sucking him in
The raw thought of his loss feel like puncturing skin
Temptation governing and its troubling him
But fuck it he pretend to paint as the most comfortable
Holding onto anything that will love him most

[Bridge: Sau]

[Outro: Tek]
Double back on, double back on
Vindications been dictated
What I help you through? Not a damn thing
On the drink I called all desperate
From the brink you hauled my ass up
And I clipped your shit with intention
And I blink, act shocked you messed up
Track Name: Umbra
Pull up to the… pussy
Full up off the juice
I got tensions overdue
See my intentions is to crush
And I got I got timing like Iraq
Diamond in the back and I got
Glories out the hellhole
I got stories I could segue
Tell me- Tell me what you… want
Tell me what you need
I could tell you what you wanna hear
Until you don’t believe it
I could tell your something different
Could tell your something special
I could tell you what’s expected
Tell you- tell you something different
I just really need a job
Really need the spark
I just tend to keep this distance
I just leak this after dark, I’m talking

I don’t need to
I don’t even need to talk about it
Really need to
I just really need the spark
See I really need to
I don’t even need to talk about it
I don’t even talk about it
I just need that
I just need that
Really need to
I just really need the spark
Say I really need to talk about it
I don’t give a fuck about you
Track Name: Second Direction Feat. Phyllis Ophelia
[Verse: Tek]
Cut throat, when I’m Cut don’t bleed
And I cut no deals with a fuck tryna convo
I pluck that seed
I cut that short
I sort through diction
All sorts of predictions
No source but I swore
What I seen at a distance
Better heed omniscience
I don’t need your help, don’t front that
Which dreams I confiscated now?
Pick strings I oscillated out
Lift things off hope
I drop things too complicated, I
Botch things on contact on contract
I broke myself
Put a screen on contacts
Don’t contact
Never lean on Tek
I doubt that
Force it
When I keep that space
When I speak your way
Portion off of my portion
A distortion don’t forge this mistake
Is it mine?
Give it time
Til aligned with the glow
I put in time in the flow
I put in time in the hole and you know
When pulse slowin
And the mulch showin
And the heart poundin
I’m all surrounded
I doused in
Double dosage
Double down
To the voltage
Dont get too close atone watch ya tone
I don’t comfort
Pokin holes in the blunders, when it thunders
I take my toll
I take my

[Bridge: Phyllis Ophelia]
If there's a horror in your head I can tease it out
We go out drinking with the dead, we're pouring out
Track Name: Pressure Cooker Feat. Tru-Type
Drops in the bucket I could…

Sensed it since an instant
No regressions…

Have you thoughts on the circles you been trekking?
Talking all the time
All the time, I’ve been, lookin
Dropped in it, I played hard to get it
All the time
All the time, took a lot to get it
Pressure cooker
Are you crackin under?
All the time
All the time I’ve been crackin, look it
Shot propellers, taped all together
All the time
All the time

Drops in the bucket
I could lend a few and
(all the time, all the time)
Sensed it since an instant
No regressions
Overlooking all the codefendants
Shouldering it
Stay backed against it
All the time
Back to gating
I came back to get it
All the time
Backed against it
I came back to get it
All the time
Back to gating
I came back to get it
All the time backed against it
I came back to get it

[Hook 2]
Shock stricken, same plot thinnin
All the time
All the time it be thinnin out and
Broke as a joke with the wallet hanging
Outta line
Outta line when the pocket thicken
Contradictions laid hard convictions
All the time
All the time I’ve stickin to it
Yak sick up same pack I’m sippin
All the time
All the time

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